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Named for the distinctive trees found growing on mountain ridges, Banner Tree Graphics is a Colorado-based, owner-operated business dedicated to providing residents and visitors with unique, handcrafted greeting cards and matted prints depicting the natural wonders of the Rocky Mountains.

Image Creation Process

Images from Banner Tree Graphics are a unique blend of Nature, Art, and Technology.

Each image begins as an original photograph taken by Steve Sorensen during his travels into the Rocky Mountain wilderness.

High-quality, digital scans are made from the original negatives and a Macintosh computer using various imaging software packages is used to refine the image and prepare it for final printing.

For some images, the original photograph is processed using various software filters or hands-on, digital manipulations to create a new artistic vision. These images are no longer mere photographs, but a new form of emerging artwork.

Each final image is individually printed using the latest in archival-quality inkjet technology. The prints themselves are rated to be as permanent as traditional color photographs.

These images are used to create handcrafted greeting cards and matted prints. Both cards and prints are individually signed by Steve.

The Artist

As an engineer with the soul of an artist, Steve Sorensen is continuously exploring new and innovative ways in which to blend his interests in technology, art, and nature.

A resident of Boulder, Colorado, Steve spends his weekends hiking into the nearby Rocky Mountain wilderness where he collects the photographs that form the basis of his artwork.

Steve applies the latest in digital imaging technology to these photographs as he explores ways of pushing traditional photography into new, emerging art forms.