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Spring at Last!

By Steve Sorensen

May 27, 2001

Spring has been slow in coming to Colorado this year.

Every time we thought that we might be finally free of snow, one more burst of winter would show up. In fact just last weekend (May 20th) we had several inches of snow here in Boulder and more up in the mountains.

So with coming of Memorial Day weekend, I was really in need of some sense of hope that summer was actually on the way.

When picking a hike to go on, I purposely chose to stay out of the high mountains since the snows there will not leave for another month or so. Instead I selected to explore a trail in the lower foothills that I had not tried before.

The Ceran St. Vrain trail is named for an early explorer and trader here in Colorado. The trail follows the South St. Vrain Creek before cutting uphill and finally topping out at Miller Rock around 8600 ft. above sea level.

I figured that these lower elevations would be nicely free of snow, and maybe even a bit green from all the moisture we had received lately.


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